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Worm gear reducer case

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Worm gear reducer

  1. The gear shaft passes through the circular surface where the bearing is located. Because of the pressure difference between the two sides of the sealing point, the splashed smooth oil cannot flow back to the lower housing of the reducer in time after passing through the bearing, and the shaft is in a rolling condition. The seal with the end cover is not very tight, and the oil leaks out through the shaft surface and the end cover groove.

  2. The sealing of the contact surface of the upper and lower shells of the WHX worm gear reducer is the primary static sealing point of the reducer.The lack of smoothness of the contact surface, the deformation of the upper and lower cover steel plates and the loose tightening of the bolts will also cause smooth oil leakage.

  3. With the extension of the use time, the oil seal of WHX worm gear reducer is aging, and the shaft head is worn out and faults, which often causes the smooth oil leakage of the input and output shaft of the WHX worm gear reducer.The aging of other skeleton seals also caused oil leakage in the head of the WHX worm gear reducer.

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