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Envelope reducer

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Envelope reducer

  The envelope reducer is also called a plane envelope toroidal worm reducer in the market.

  Daily maintenance coup for envelope reducer:

  When selecting a reducer, you should know: prime mover, working machine type and load nature, daily average operating time, starting frequency and ambient temperature.

  (1) The reducer is generally lubricated by an oil pool. When the calculated circular sliding speed of the worm is vs>10m/s, forced lubrication is used.

  (2) The viscosity index (Ⅵ) of lubricating oil for reducer should be greater than 100.

  (3) The reducer adopts synthetic worm gear oil.

  (4) The lubricating oil products of the reducer are specified in the following table.Oils with equivalent or higher lubrication properties are allowed.

  Lubricating oil (recommended to use forced lubrication)

  (5) The reducer bearing adopts splash lubrication, and it can also be lubricated with grease.

  Introduction to the scope of application of envelope reducer:

  The envelope reducer has large carrying capacity, compact and reasonable structure.This kind of reducer can be widely used in the reduction transmission of various transmission machinery, such as metallurgy, mining, lifting, chemical industry, construction, rubber and plastics, shipbuilding and other industries and other mechanical equipment. The worm shaft can be in both positive and negative directions. Spin.This reducer is designed and manufactured in accordance with the Machinery Industry Standard of the People's Republic of China JB-T9051-1999 "Plane Enveloping Annular Worm Reducer".

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