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Hard tooth surface gear reducer

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Hard gear surface reducer

  Gear reducer is a combination of reduction motor and large reducer.No couplings and adapters are required, and the structure is compact.The load is distributed on the planetary gears, so the carrying capacity is higher than that of the general helical gear reducer.Meet the needs of high torque output in a small space.

  Gear reducer application range:

  It is widely used in large-scale mines, steel, chemical industry, ports, environmental protection and other fields.Combining with K and R series can get larger speed ratio.

  1. Reliable industrial gear transmission components;

  2. The reliable structure is combined with a variety of inputs to adapt to special use requirements;

  3. It has high power transmission capacity and compact structure. The gear structure is determined according to the module design principle;

  4. Easy to use and maintain, configure and select materials according to technical and engineering conditions;

  5. The torque range is from 36,0000Nm to 1,200,000Nm.

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