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Scraper reducer

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Scraper reducer

  Sludge scraper lifting drive reducer is suitable for the sludge and slag removal of large and medium-sized circular radial flow secondary sedimentation tanks, and is widely used in large and medium-sized sewage plants.In order to make our customers understand our company's peripheral drive mud scraper device.

  The mud discharge device of the peripheral drive mud scraper is based on the principle of the connecting pipe and uses the liquid level difference to automatically suck the mud.When working, the activated sludge deposited on the bottom of the tank is scraped and collected while being pressed into the sludge discharge tank. At this time, the sludge of the sludge scraper device in the sludge discharge tank flows by itself into the central mud tank, and the sludge is stirred and scraped. The machine reducer is then drained out of the pool through the central mud drum and the mud drain pipe.

  The peripheral drive mud scraper device is equipped with a mud drain groove at the lower part of the working bridge, and has a certain slope, and the mud amount can be adjusted according to the cone valve.The lower part of the sludge discharge tank is equipped with a sludge suction pipe, which is connected to the "V"-shaped scraper through the bottom of the tank, and the purpose is to make the sludge flow in the sludge tank by itself.

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