Helical & Worm Reducers


Online Customization

Features Efficient Higher 1.5 times of efficiency than double worm reducer. Stronger Single solid casting case ensures higher stiffness and strength Compatability Can be mounted in Horizontal or vertical or right stand as you wish. Tupes Solid Shaft Type Solid bas output shaft with key way for pulley or coupling. Hollow Sahft Type Hollow output shaft to couple driven shaft without coupling but direct Geared Motored Motor assembled with Gear Box in one unit. Product Code Dimention Structure 1.WORM GEAR(WHEEL) 12.KEY 23.BOLT 2.HEAD COVER 13.INPUT BEARING 24.FLANGE 3.GREASE COVER 14.BOLT 25.INPUT GEAR 4.OUTPUT COVER 15.BOLT 26.SNAP RING 5.OUTPUT BEARING 16.BOLT 27.KEY 6.OIL SEAL 17.CASE 28.OIL SEAL 7.KEY 18.SNAP RING 29.BEARING 8.OUTPUT SHAFT 19.KEY 30.ELECTRIC MOTOR 9.PLUG FOR DRAIN/VENT 20.EYE BOLT 31.BRAKE 10.INPUT COVER 21.INPUT PINION 32.COVER 11.INPUT SHAFT 22.MOTOR SHAFT