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SGA screw elevator

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SGA screw elevator

  The screw jack is composed of worm gear, box, bearing, screw and other parts.The working principle is: the motor or manual drives the worm to rotate, the worm drives the worm to decelerate and rotate, the worm wheel is processed into internal threads, and the screw is driven to move up and down. Due to the worm and worm inside, the screw can reduce the speed to amplify the thrust.

  Function characteristics: By driving the worm to rotate, the screw can move up and down to achieve the function of pushing and pulling or jacking.

  1. Self-locking performance Ordinary tooth screw electric push rods and screw jacks, due to the low comprehensive transmission efficiency, most of them have the self-locking function against dynamic load, increase

  Safety of equipment operation; ball screw electric push rod and screw jack are not self-locking;

  2. The integrated position of degree positioning can reach 0mm; the position of servo electric cylinder can reach 1um;

  3. The control configuration encoder, through the inverter or controller control, to achieve closed-loop positioning; if the degree of requirements is not high, it can be equipped with a potentiometer to achieve online control.

  4. Synchronous single reduction motor drives multiple push rods at the same time through mechanical connection to realize synchronous lifting and synchronization;

  5. Drive system: DC motor 12/24V, single-phase AC motor, three-phase AC motor, without air/hydraulic source;

  6. The overload protection can be equipped with a safety clutch to prevent overload; it can also be equipped with an overload pressure sensor to prevent overload;

  7. High load pushing/pull force can reach 300 tons;

  8. Other simple maintenance, low noise, can work normally in high/low temperature, anti-corrosion/explosion-proof harsh environment;

  The more important features are: self-locking performance, synchronization, degree positioning, speed control, thrust control.

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