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Talking about the equipment characteristics of cycloidal pinwheel reducer

发布时间:2021-05-06 18:51Popularity:
  As a device that converts electrical energy into machinery, the cycloid reducer is widely used in various fields.The rapid development of new energy has led to the rapid growth of the electrical machinery industry, and my country's electrical machinery industry has broad prospects for development.Although our country has gradually become a major motor manufacturing country.
  Grasping the production technology of high-efficiency and ultra-efficient energy-saving motors, but the two pressures of emission reduction and environmental protection, energy-saving equipment represented by high-efficiency motors has attracted much attention in the market.In recent years, although my country has basically kept pace with the international level in the research and development of high-efficiency motors, technological progress is very optimistic.
  But unfortunately, the IE3 motors we produce are too few in domestic applications, and most of them are used for export.Cycloid pin gear reducer is suitable for marking of electromechanical parts and is adapted to the etching of the smooth plane after processing of parts. Cycloidal pin gear reducer adopts a common organization design, and the X/Z axis of the optical bench can actively move left and right to improve work effectiveness.
  Realize flat batch marking, and also adapt to the etching of the unprocessed surface (rough surface) of the part.Adaptation materials: metals (including: cast iron, cast aluminum), most non-metals (engineering plastics, rubber), etc. Good anti-counterfeiting: due to the complex manufacturing equipment of laser labels, special label materials and non-reusability, the motor components are fraudulent It is difficult for the reader to estimate the label, and then effectively protect the legitimate interests of the regular motor component manufacturers and users.

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