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Specific analysis of the heat dissipation problem of the gear reducer

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  During the heating or heat dissipation process of the gear reducer, due to the damage of the rod, the loss of oil, the damage of the seal, etc., a lot of heat will be generated and the gear reducer will gradually increase due to the high power, so that the system will work.In mechanical motion control.
  The precision gear reducer is a conversion link of mechanical energy. The torque of the motor is amplified by the precision gear reducer and the speed is reduced (reduce). On the contrary, the moment of inertia of the load is coupled to the motor through the precision gear reducer to reduce .
  The three basic functions of the reducer (Retarder): reduce the speed of the servo motor (WL) The rated power of the servo motor is usually expressed in the speed of 1000rpm to 6000rpm, and even as high as 10000rpm. It is rarely used in the process of practical application. Speed, and at the same time, in order to fully apply the rated power of the motor.
  Therefore, it is necessary to obtain the required working speed through a reducer suitable for the reduction ratio. JWZ mud scraper reducer in the reducer family, precision gear reducer is widely used in servo, stepping, DC and other transmission systems because of its small size, high transmission efficiency, wide reduction scale, high precision and many other advantages.

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