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How to use the new screw lift

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  Before using the new screw lifter, it is necessary to add a satisfactory lubricating grease (or lubricating oil). In the future, use Chinese and English to check the quality of the lubricating oil (or lubricating grease) regularly and replace it after 15 days.Afterwards, it will be replaced once in 2-4 months according to the application situation.
  It should be replaced in a short time when the operating environment is bad.It is necessary to block the power supply when changing the oil to ensure safety.Instructions for use Before using the screw jack, it is necessary to do no-load lifting first, and check whether the lifting is normal.The load of the workbench should not be greater than the extra value, and it cannot be shaken violently.
  It is necessary to add lubricating oil (or lubricating grease) before starting the worm gear screw lift to ensure the service life of the equipment.The high-speed shaft of the screw lifter can work in both forward and reverse directions, and its speed shall not exceed 1500 rpm.The working environment temperature of the screw lifter is 0℃-40℃. When the working environment temperature is lower than 0℃, it is necessary to heat the smooth oil to 0℃ before starting.
  The axis of the high-speed shaft and the low-speed shaft of the screw lifter must be concentric with the axis of the connecting part, and the error shall not be greater than the allowable value of the coupling used.Before the installed lift is put into use, it is necessary to carry out a load test run.Carry out no-load work first in the load test, and start loading when there is no fault.

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