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Introduce the use knowledge of hard tooth surface reducer

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  Hard tooth surface reducer mainly includes parallel shaft series and vertical shaft series.Parallel shaft reducers are produced according to national standards. Its classification includes four series: ZDY (single-stage), ZLY (two-stage), ZSY (three-stage) and ZFY (four-stage). Vertical-axis reducers are produced according to national standards. .
  It is used for transmission devices in which the input shaft and the output shaft are arranged in a vertical direction.Its classification mainly includes three series: DBY, DCY and DFY.Hard tooth surface reducer performance characteristics of hard tooth surface reducer center distance.The main parameters such as the nominal transmission ratio are optimized and planned. The gears are made of high-quality alloy steel after carburizing and quenching.
  The tooth surface hardness is 54~62HRC. Light weight, small size, high precision, large load capacity, high efficiency, long life, high reliability, stable transmission and low noise.Generally, oil pool is used for lubrication.Natural cooling. When the thermal power cannot be satisfied, it can be cooled by circulating oil or fan and cooling coil.

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