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Worm gear reducer

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Worm gear reducer

  If the abnormal sound of WP worm gear reducer is irregular and loud, it is caused by tooth pitch error or excessive clearance.The ding dangling sound and the tooth rolling sound that cause the vibration of the transmission body are caused by the side clearance of the WP worm gear reducer is too small, and the gear tooth top has a sharp edge and the gear center is not parallel; there is a violent sound when the speed is gradually increased, There is an incorrect knocking sound during meshing, which is mainly caused by the distortion of the working tooth shape of the WP worm gear reducer or the partial defect on the tooth working surface.In the gear transmission, there is a periodic increase and decrease of the sound, which is due to the eccentric distribution of the gear to the center of rotation.

  This series of speed reducers comply with the Ministry of Standard JB2318-79, circular cylindrical worm drive, also known as curved surface cylindrical worm drive, the tooth profile is a convex-concave conjugate type, in which the worm is concave, the worm wheel is convex, and the worm tooth profile It is arc-shaped, code-named ZC worm.

  This product has the characteristics of large carrying capacity, high transmission efficiency, large output torque, stable operation, long life, and small size. It is widely used in metallurgy, mining, lifting, chemical, construction and other industries. Its working environment is -40℃~ +40°C.The rotation speed of the input shaft is not more than 1500 rpm, and the high-speed shaft can rotate forward and backward.

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