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N series planetary reducer

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N series planetary reducer

  N series planetary gear reducer is suitable for connecting large-size motors to achieve the rated power and maximum torque of the reducer. Low-speed uranium and high-speed shafts can be operated with heavy loads; low-speed shaft design: solid shaft with a flat key and a threaded hole; solid shaft with Two flat keys and three threaded holes; external spline shaft with positioning shoulder; internal spline; hollow shaft with expansion sleeve; high-speed shaft is solid shaft connection, with a connection flange form: with motor reducer: press IEC standard design flange; hollow hole with key connection.Both coaxial and angular high-speed and low-speed shafts can be forward and reverse;

  Gear material: external gear is 20CrMnTi, internal gear is 42CrMo

  Coaxial type has 1,2,3,4, 2,3,4, XNUMX, and XNUMX planetary transmission; angle type has spiral bevel gear combination XNUMX, XNUMX, and XNUMX planetary transmission;

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