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P series planetary gear reducer

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P series planetary reducer

  Features of P series planetary reducer:

  ◆ It adopts modular design and can be combined according to customer requirements.

  ◆ The box body is made of ductile iron, which greatly improves the rigidity and shock resistance of the box body.

  ◆ The sun gear, planetary gear, internal gear ring and spiral bevel gears in the box are all treated by carburizing and quenching in a controlled atmosphere to obtain a high-hard wear-resistant surface. After heat treatment, all teeth are ground, which reduces noise and improves the efficiency of the whole machine. And service life.

  ◆ Input mode: concentric shaft input, helical gear input, bevel gear-helical gear input, bevel gear input.

  ◆ Output mode: internal spline type, hollow shaft shrink disc type, external spline type, solid shaft flat key.

  ◆ Installation form: horizontal installation, vertical installation, torque arm installation.

  ◆ P系列产品有9-34型规格,行星传动级数有2级和3级。速比为25-4000。

  ◆ Combine with CR, K, R series to get larger speed ratio.

  Speed ​​ratio range:


  Torque range: 2.6-900kN

  Power range: 22-1920kW

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