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How to improve the performance of worm gear reducer

发布时间:2021-05-11 22:14Popularity:
  Worm gear reducer adopts worm gear friction transmission to complete the deceleration. Compared with gear transmission, the obvious disadvantages are low transmission power, more heat generation, and severe wear. Therefore, this type of reducer is not suitable for use in High-power and long-term continuous operation occasions.The limitation of worm gear reducer in terms of transmission function has made many users daunted, and improving its transmission function has become an urgent need.So how to improve the transmission function of the worm gear reducer?
  To improve the transmission function of the worm gear reducer largely depends on the machining accuracy and quality of the worm gear.Therefore, in order to reduce the friction that occurs when the reducer is in motion, worm gear reducer manufacturers generally use steel with good wear resistance as the worm and non-ferrous metals as the worm wheel, so the cost is relatively high.
  Therefore, some individual manufacturers, in order to reduce production costs, purchase inferior turbines and worms that are not up to the standard in terms of processing accuracy and quality, which will severely affect the use of the reducer.The use function of the worm gear reducer is also related to the quality of its device.
  The poor quality of the reducer device is also the cause of some problems. For example, the worm gear reducer requires high center distance scale accuracy during installation. If the control is not good, it will cause the reducer to malfunction.It is indispensable for the protection and maintenance of the reducer. Otherwise, it will not only accelerate the wear of the parts and affect the stable operation of the worm gear reducer, but also greatly reduce its function and life.

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